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  • Trueway farms Himalayan pink rock Salt has been sourced by associates of Trueway farms in Rajasthan state of India.
  • The ions of the trace minerals promote balanced electrolytes, maintain normal body temperature, maintain fluids, and replenish the supply of electrolytes when our body perspire excessively.
  • It also helps in dissolving kidney stones, gallbladder stones. It also dissolves extra calcium build up in bones that is responsible for arthritis and gout.
  • Being natural, Trueway farms Himalayan pink rock salt has amazing healing powers for our body.
  • Taking a rock salt bath can detoxify our body as much as it gets clear by three days fast. Also, it has excellent effects on skin.
  • The rock salt stones can be used as a regular deodorant bar. Salt kills bacteria which produces odour.
  • It effectively improves mood and sleep disorders.
  • It is safe from air and sea pollution, free from chemicals, preservatives, anti-caking agents and bleaching agents mostly found in “white salts.

Why to choose Trueway farms Himalayan Pink Rock Salt?

  • The perfect crystalline structure that was formed through over 250 million years of intense compression within caves deep in the Himalayan mountains, is unique to our salt.
  • This structure makes it recognizable and easily absorbable by our body.
  • Our salt is completely free from chemicals, bleach and preservatives which are found in most "white salts" nowadays.

Why should Table salt be replaced by Natural Trueway farms Himalayan pink rock salt?

  • Salt is never harmful to our body but the condition is that it should be Real. Yes, the table salt that is available today in the market has been stripped of all of its naturally occurring minerals and becomes more of toxic due to anti-caking agents and harmful additives.
  • The Trueway farms Himalayan pink rock salt has its original minerals intact and the sodium present in this real salt is needed by our body. This real salt becomes a health giving material for our body. 
  • All the major health problems like blood pressure, heart failures are the causes of using white table salt. 

The Trueway farms Himalayan pink rock salt contains the similar 84 trace elements and minerals in similar ratio that are found in the human body. Here are a few which are unknown to most of us-

  1. Carbon : It is a basic building block and makes big biological molecules.
  2. Oxygen : Brain, kidney, and heart are highly metabolically active tissues that require large amounts of energy. Oxygen becomes the source for it.
  3.  Fluoride : Essential for healthy bone and tooth formation as it helps the body retain calcium.
  4. Chromium : It regulates body cholesterol levels.
  5. Arsenic : Important for the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  6. Cobalt : Plays a crucial role in the production of red blood cells.
  7. Selenium : Minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  8. Sulphur : Helps in maintaining the health of hair, skin, and nails.
  9. Lithium : Enhances moods and alters the electrolyte balance in the brain.
  10. Zinc : It is important for normal growth, sexual development, strong immunity, and wound healing.
  11. Iodine : It contains natural iodine essential for thyroid hormones production. It regulates metabolism and provides energy to the body.
  12. Calcium : Vital for building strong bones and teeth.
  13. Phosphorus : It helps to form DNA and is involved in cellular communication.
  14. Sodium : It helps to maintain the bodys fluid balance and acid-base balance. It also plays an important role in muscle contraction.
  15. Nickel : It affect the basic entities like hormones, cell membranes and enzymes which have large effects on the body.
  16. Silicon : An important element which promotes the healthy growth of hair and fingernails.
  17. Copper : It helps in the manufacture of collagen and haemoglobin while also being an important element with Iron to synthesize oxygen in red blood cells.
  18. Magnesium : An important nutrient for all over body development as it is needed for maintaining and repairing of cells, proper nerve transmission, hormone regulation and especially preventing heart attacks.
It contains many other essential minerals, total 84, like: bromine, silver, titanium, platinum, gold, mercury, lead etc.
These minerals are beneficial and safe in trace amount that are easily absorbed by the body. Some of these minerals that are toxin in large amount but they are safe and even beneficial in trace amount.

Do we know the truth of white table salt?

  • Our body recognizes white table salt as a toxin and dangerous for itself. As soon as we include table salt in our diet, our body starts working hard to flush it out. So, in any amount the table salt does no good to our body.
  • It is not the truth that, if we exclude all our dishes from salt, we will reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure etc. We cant completely get rid of salts from our diet or else well die. The real salt i.e. Trueway farms Rock salt is the healthiest and safest for our body.

  • Nutrition Information : Serving size: 100g
  • Energy Value : 0 K cal
  • Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein : 0g
  • Vitamins : 0g
  • Fatty Acids, Cholesterol : 0g
  • Sodium : 35g
  • Potassium  : 0.05g
  • Magnesium : 0.04g
  • Calcium : 0.05g
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